Just yesterday, I read published in "Nature", their bragging about successfully using A.I. chatbots to convince the "vaccine-hesitant" to shoot up their kids and elders. Not in the future..They already did it. There's no point in reading dystopian science fiction anymore, we are living it now. I am deeply disappointed too, in how easily manipulated we are, even old hippies

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Spot on!

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My goddess....how lucky are we, the unvaxxed, to have you in our court. ...an aside: I just looked at your substack url and read it as "cathy frederi cajones" Cajones!!!! Ballsy and brilliant you are!! lol. You are the brightest star in my books, in Canada and maybe beyond. We share some friends in the music biz.....Just dropping by to give you a hug and a payload of gratitude.

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I am saddened that this is true..every single shockin word !!

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While reading this I kept thinking, Am I getting dementia and forgot I wrote this! Then i realised I'm not really that good. I'm with ya on all of it.. As Melanie said, Spot ON!

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So glad yere back ! Cathy Frederica to Read yes ! share NO!!!

Ok, we drank the cool aid, now what ? Underneath all the good Newfie humour and no complaints, a lot of people are very unhappy with the governance...with or without the Nance !

It's everywhere once you speak up speak out then what ? Who will be left to fight the good fight?

We fell asleep to the seduction

of convenience, lazy fools ! Stay where yere at and cook what ya got ,Neva mine

buying more that goes bad before ya can consume!..?

Oh teley, wireless this and that ,now you can't get a wifi or cell connection to last through a whole phone call? And where's ma Bell or fadder Roger? Hard to believe we got tricked !?

Well we did ! Und Over these lo' so

Many years, crept up on us...ya say !?


...oh I could go on and yet it's not just Pfizer it's everything or one that has been holding power o'er the majority, not just the likes of putine or drumpft! It's the one number you can call because all the overpaid specialists cannot afford the additional line for you to make an appt. No ...at 82 she had to drive to the docs ofc. Because no answer and busy for two weeks ! ...then ..or the great wally mart 'for the people' have raised the bar again n again ,roast chicken ! More like hiway robbery!

Or Costico who can bring it in on the same ships to this island at one qtr. the price that blob outlaws can or any number of cartels , they're not all drug cartels !

Have you watched the Netflix film called the dark truth about water ? Well, look out canuks, cus brudders next door isa comin' ta town soon enuf ,no water for

the too patient indigenous people ,surprised? ..nope !!

Oh we haven't even gotten to the

Pope mobile of oh, it was the brudders at Mount Cashel and yes...where did those children go? and bring the same havoc on the families they were placed,recreating that harm where they went !!

Ffs, dunna get me started!

And Cathy Jones ,sent you a new friend request, where did you go ? They secured my account in February and I could not get back in,so HAD to create a new one?!

We're all addicts !! No boycotting this stuff! In fer a penny in fer a pound!

Hope you actually get this ....much love always , your ole' cow girl

From top sailed away many moons ago ...book coming hopefully before I die 🀞😜

NB: Cathy, PLEASE DO NOT share my rant words here, for my book and your eyes only !! Privacy and confidence is a rare ting dees days gurrl !! ? πŸ™β€οΈ

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